Benefits Of Using A Turnkey Interior Solution Provider For Companies


Companies or organizations that employ interior contractors or designers to manage and develop the looks and styles of spaces to augment the well being of the employees as well as to increase productivity are now shifting from their traditional approach of getting the task done.

Earlier companies or organizations would initially choose an architect, a general contractor, and a builder or engineering consultancy services, provider. The architect would lay out the basic plan; the engineering consultants would provide consultancy on materials and construction modules and procedures; whereas the general contractor would supply the skilled and unskilled workforce as also the materials and other resources. 

After that would arrive the need to design and furnish the interior spaces according to the specifications provided by the company. Thus would arise the need to procure an interior designer or a contractor providing interior designing consultancy. They would necessarily take on the responsibility and the role of designing the interior spaces without creating any significant change in the exterior details of the construction made. 

Interior designers are not involved in just decoration or adorning of the rooms of the commercial establishments. They are instead, handed over the tremendous responsibility of visualization, executing on the visualization, and incorporating innovation in those executions so that they stand out amongst others. Interior designers deal with the complex issues of managing spaces and providing custom made solutions according to the requirements of the clients. Some of their typical job roles include :

  • Space planning and management
  • Lighting services selection and installation 
  • Architectural fixtures suggestions
  • Paint and finish selection
  • Art and accessories selection.
  • Providing custom furniture design and fabrication ideas
  • Overall management of the project from the conceptualization, initiation to culmination.

Turnkey solution provider : 

A turnkey operation is a type of project which is constructed in such a fashion that it can be marketed to a prospective consumer as a complete product. It is defined as a contract where the essential design emanates from the contractor and not the owner so that the legal responsibility of the design, sustainability, suitability, and performance of the work till the completion of the project depends entirely on the contractor.

Turnkey interior services : 

As mentioned above, when an organization decides upon the construction of a project; after its exteriors are completed, comes the need for the interior designer to bring his expertise on board.

The interior design contractor should necessarily possess a tremendous knowledge and expertise gained from past works as well as the proper concept and creativity. The concept is the prerequisite as to how the project is envisioned. The creativity comes in the execution of the project and tending to its minute details.

Hiring a turnkey interior solutions provider eases out the execution of the construction project in several ways. These can be enumerated below.

  • The turnkey interior solutions provider possesses all the specialties required for the project under one roof. If it is an organization or a company in itself, it rids the client’s concern of further hassles of communicating with multiple companies and personnel and get them all to communicate amongst one another and work in tandem. As a result, the timeline of the project is maintained.
  • The client company doesn’t have to deal with multiple vendors and multiple companies sending in the resources and doesn’t have the need to cater to all their individual invoices. The client company can feel trouble-free when it is a single turnkey service provider who is responsible for the allotment and provision of resources, and the invoice is to be submitted to the single firm as well.
  • When it is a single turnkey interior service provider, the client company has access to every detail of manufacturing and design. The visibility is better, and this ensures customizable solutions according to the requirements meted out by the client.
  • A singular turnkey interior solutions provider may enable the interior designs, fabrication, and furnishings of the materials to be done in synchronization. One operation does not necessarily affect or hinder another when it is a single turnkey solution provider in charge.
  • When the client has to look for separate vendors and separate companies for the various aspects of design and management of interior spaces like lighting services, flooring, selections of tiles, paints, and customization of furniture and their fabrication; the overall costs are bound to go up. But with a single focussed and renowned turnkey service provider, all these intricacies of interior design are taken care of under a single roof. Hence the additional costs are reduced.
  • If a single entity is responsible for all the different elements of interior design, starting from supply of resources to provision of workforce to conceptualization and execution of the project; it normally happens that they take their work too seriously and adhere to standard techniques as also incorporating cutting-edge methods and technology in order to facilitate their operations. This is bound to affect the quality of work. A single consultant or service provider will always try to maintain its stature and standard in its concerned field, whereas, when multiple companies are employed to do a task in unison, mostly it so happens that none bear the responsibility to the other’s work. The overall quality of the work might be negatively affected. Therefore, hiring a single turnkey solution provider for interior design is always bound to augment the designing elements as also the overall quality of design.

The turnkey interior solutions service provider, being a single entity does not have the limitation to adhere to a particular work regime. The work regimes can be improvised to the best interests of both the service providers and the clients. Any proposed interior concept provided is thus very unique and custom made for the client’s requirements. The turnkey solution expert, if professional enough, will also see to it that the project is executed well within deadlines and does not compromise on the quality, with the additional perk of being well within budget. Thus the benefits occur in volumes when one employs a turnkey interior solution provider for his company.

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